Coca Cola Dog Bowl Crate

Katie and Jon of Sew Woodsy shared at Pretty Handy Girl how they turned an old soda crate into a very cool dog bowl holder. Apparently, their neighbor’s dog enjoyed carrying his bowl around the house in his mouth, and this crate was enlisted to put an end to his antics.


Jon cut a wood inset to fit snugly inside the crate and then holes for the bowls to rest in. He mimicked the distressed red finish of the crate to finish it off. It looks like it’s pooch-approved, and the dishes are still in place {wink}!

coca cola crate dog bowl holder

Head over the Pretty Handy Girl for the tutorial.

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2 thoughts on “Coca Cola Dog Bowl Crate

  1. Thanks for sharing with your readers! I didn’t share this in the post… Brady is a super smart dog and has figured out how to get his dog bowls out of the crate :( but at least he eats in style!

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