Vintage Window Mirrors

Liz at The Brambleberry Cottage has her very own stash of vintage windows and beadboard. Seriously, a barn full of them! (Doesn’t it just make your DIY, trash-to-treasure loving heart swoon?)

old windows to mirror

Liz put the windows and beadboard together to create a gorgeous pair of mirrors. These weathered, chippy mirrors are so full of character and charm!

mirrors from old windows

See how Liz made them at The Brambleberry Cottage.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Window Mirrors

  1. These are very attractive! My previous experience with mirrors outdoors has been that they are not very bird friendly. I had more than one bird crash into them. From a distance they can’t tell that it is glass and have made contact with enough contact to be injured. Just something to keep in mind. However, they really are very pretty!

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