Stained Union Jack Coffee Table

Ashley at Domestic Imperfection got this coffee table for free from a friend and decided it would be just the thing to class up her brother-in-law’s space. And the perfect opportunity to branch out and try something new!

union jack coffee table before

The tabletop was all sanded down and ready for some stain when Ashley couldn’t deny the fact that it was just screaming for a Union Jack paint job. Not wanting to see all his hard work sanding gone to waste, her husband suggested they complete the design using stain instead of paint. Genius! I so love seeing a fresh take on a popular idea.

stained union jack coffee table

Get the details at Domestic Imperfection.

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3 thoughts on “Stained Union Jack Coffee Table

  1. I really impressed with this piece. Such a huge transformation from the bland look of the initial condition. Great idea with the stain. It looks as if it was handcut pieces puzzled in to make the design.

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