Old World Two Tone Dresser

One of my Roadkill Rescue readers Liz, found this old, beaten up dresser in the back of an office building.  She said it was solid and super heavy and her sister-in-law helped her cause by helping her load it up.  Liz knew she could make this painted brown/black cabinet piece into an awesome chest of drawers.


Liz sanded the top feverously, filled in all cracks and joints with wood filler,  and added crown molding to the top and bottom. She wanted it to look almost dirty and distressed but still stay classy.  She used a Kona stain on the top with a cream base and a chocolate glaze.  She sprayed the drawer pulls with chocolate metal spray paint and everything got a good coat of polyurethane.  It cost her about $38 for her makeover.


On my goodness can you believe it?? What a transformation.  Liz you rocked it!  She isn’t a blogger but she sure can be, right?  So instead justs give Liz a round of applause…ha!

RoadKill Rescue

9 thoughts on “Old World Two Tone Dresser

  1. Wow, I really cannot believe that is the same dresser. The after looks like something you would find for a few thousand from Anthropology! What a great job she did! Yes, please encourage her to blog and we can see of more of her work!

  2. THANK YOU GUYS!!! I am so excited to be posted! Maybe my little hobby in the garage will get more respect from my precious family now! Who wants to teach me how to blog???

    1. Liz, it is a beautiful job. Motivates me to go trash hunting. Don’t expect the family to appreciate your hard work, they never do!

  3. Anyway you could send me more detailed instructions on this? I love it, can’t find what I’m looking for, and I’m ready to just do it myself. Never done it before though…Gotta find the right piece, but would love some instructions. Especially with regard to how to duplicate this color. Thanks!

    1. Breanne, this project was emailed to me by a reader who doesn’t have her own blog. I’m afraid I don’t have any extra details for you on this one. I’d suggest searching through the archives here for similar projects. Most of our featured projects link to blogs where lots more information is available, like step-by-step instructions for achieving special finishes, etc. I’m sorry that I’m not able to be more helpful on this one.

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