Doily Design Chair

Elise from Creativity in DIY made over this trashed chair into a really cool doily graphic design.  She found the chair waiting for the garbage man at a neighbor’s house.



Elise writes “I cleaned, but didn’t sand the chair, then taped a piece of a lace curtain panel across the seat and the larger back bar at an angle to leave some of the area plain. Then I got a can of white spray paint (I used flat paint) and sprayed carefully through the lace,making sure not to spray too heavily, let it dry and then removed the lace. Then I got flat white house paint and painted the rest of the chair white. Finally, I used a small brush to edge (approx. 1/8″) the patterns made by the lace in turquoise paint. I still need to put a coat of varnish over the areas that have the design, so that they won’t fade while being sat on.”


Way to go Elise I absolutely love what you have done.  I love wood tones peeking through white.  Job well done! Read more at DIY in Creativity.

RoadKill Rescue

49 thoughts on “Doily Design Chair

  1. Thanks for the positive comments, Karen, Marce and Catherine.
    I actually found 2 chairs set out for the trash, but had only finished one when I contacted roadkillrescue. The other chair has the design on the opposite side of the chair, so that when they are placed together it completes a larger design. I found the spray-paint-through-lace idea on pinterest,

      1. Try garage or yard sales for inexpensive lace. Your local fabric store may also sell odd, leftover pieces. I prefer the older fabric though so I would try the yard sales.

  2. Really love this idea….I have an old chair in my garage this in good shape but painted a cream color….will have to do something like this with it. Thx!

  3. I adore this! thanks for sharing, I’ve pinned it as well. I have an old chair that I might give this a try. Great work :)

    1. Susan
      I go to thrift stores and yard sales, but you can just buy lace curtain panels at Walmart, or check out the lace at fabric stores.

  4. I love this going to try it on some dressers and nightstands. Can you please explain a little more how to put the sublte turquoise touch to it? I’m scared that when I did it It would over-power it.

    1. Wendy
      I love working with tiny paint brushes, but someone who commented suggested a paint pen…perhaps that would make it easier and assure that you didn’t get the edging too thick.
      Hope this helps!

  5. Wow! Love all the comments… Susan Ray: I used an old lace curtain—a great place to find lace is at a thrift store or yard sale.
    Wendy, after your lace design has dried, use a tiny brush to line parts of it in turquoise..take your time making the line very thin at first. You can add more later, if you feel it needs a heavier line. The paint brush I used is smaller than a nail polish brush….

    1. Tami
      I found a paint sample card with the color of the wall, if you still want it—It’s from Lowes and it’s a National Trust for Historic Preservation color–La Fonda Villa Fountain # 5002-4B.


  6. Hi Elise, you are amazing! I will try your idea. I was just wondering what type of lace did you use and where could I buy it. I’m eager to redo my office desk with your idea. Please help!

    1. Ana
      Sorry I didn’t notice your question until now. I actually used a lace valance curtain, but you can use any lace–if you want a larger design like mind, it’s usually found in lace curtain panels. Otherwise, you just go to a fabric store and pick a pattern out!

  7. So after you lined the edges in turquoise, did you feather some of it in to give it that airbrushed look at the edges? I especially see it on those outermost big flowers on the seat.

    1. Cecelia
      No–the ‘feathered’ look you are referring to is what happens when I spray painted through the lace–it over-sprayed a bit, so the edges are not sharp—but I love the look, too…Thanks!

    1. Sarah
      I just found an old lace panel valance. You can choose your design according to the size of the flowers in the lace—-check out thrift stores and yard sales for vintage lace panels.

  8. Michelle, the spray paint I used was a can of flat white paint and the rest of the chair is painted with latex semi-gloss interior wall & trim paint from Walmart. Note: after the paint is completely dry, the entire chair should be coated with at least one layer of varnish to prevent the paint from chipping off with the passage of time.

  9. Love your design with the chair. I have 2 chairs I may try with your design, but have a question or your thoughts. What do you think a paper doily modpodged the same way would do?

  10. Earlene:
    Just noticed your comment…sorry about that! I think your idea would work and look great, as well. I have not personally worked with Modge Podge, but my concern would be as to whether you could put varnish on top of the Modge Podge. You might want to check with someone experienced in working with it.

  11. Love this, it is exactly what I want on some side tables I rescued from a kerbside collection. Thank you, your idea is awesome!

    1. Andrea, feel free to click on the link to the original post to get more information on this project. You could also check in with the blogger to get additional information if necessary.

  12. The valance used here is at JC Penny and the line is called Shari Lace. They have several valances and the panels available. I searched a bit to find that exact pattern and was excited to find it so I thought I’d share the info. I tried doing a chair similarly and was disappointed with a smaller lace pattern. I’m probably putting in way too much effort but I really love this design. So my valances are on order and I’ll be anxious to see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing this darling idea!

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