Two-Tone Coffee Table

Years ago, Nicole at Thrifty Decorating hauled this coffee table out of the garbage. She first painted it black and then got tired of the black and painted it cream. She still never loved it but lived with the look for years until the table was just in bad shape.

two tone coffee table before

Then the project that was supposed to take an hour ended up taking more like twenty! Ever had one of THOSE projects?!? (I think we can all respond with a resounding “YES!”) The results are worth all Nicole’s hard work though since she finally has a table she loves with a beautiful two-tone finish.

two tone coffee table
Check it out at Thrifty Decorating.


  1. Such a pretty makeover. Love the dark top. It’s great she got so many lives out of a dumpster find! Cool!

  2. Such a beautiful coffee table! Love trash to treasure projects. Megan

  3. Here is my resounding YES!

    Nice job Nicole, always feels good to bring something you don’t love up to snuff so you do.


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