Reupholstered Couch

Jessica from Four Generations, One Roof! needed a small couch for her foyer but only had this rather large one on hand. What’s a girl to do? Buy a smaller couch? Nope! How about chop the big one in half? Yep!


Jessica seriously did use what she had for this project from the couch itself to some curtains for the upholstery fabric to an old egg crate for the foam. This project cost her nada! Can you believe the transformation?!?

reupholstered small couch from larger couch

See how Jessica pulled it off at Four Generations, One Roof!


  1. Hey Beckie! Thank you so much for featuring this crazy couch on your site! I use to hate this couch and now it is my fav spot in the afternoon to sit and have a cup of tea :) Have a great Sunday!

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