Painted Vanity and Bench

Karin from Art Is Beauty picked up this nasty vanity right as it was about to be thrown into a
dumpster. It was covered in spider eggs and the drawers were warped.

dumpster vanity

Karin actually found the manufacturing sticker on the mirror while working that dated this piece back to 1947. I guess after 65 years it shouldn’t be too surprising that it was a TON of work to update! After a long process of reupholstering, patching, painting, drilling, painting some more, and then whitewashing, the vanity is finally loveable again!

refabbed dumpster vanity

Check out the transformation at Art Is Beauty.

RoadKill Rescue

4 thoughts on “Painted Vanity and Bench

  1. That vanity would have been amazing if stained back to its original splendor, too. I wouldn’t see “nasty” if I saw it on the side of the road. I would see mid century beauty.

  2. My grandmother had one like this w/a large round mirror. I so wanted it, but unfortunately didn’t get it. I would have loved to do this to it. So pretty.

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