Ebony Stained Dresser

Jessica from A Smith of All Trades has had this dresser for as long as she can remember. There is even a little blue bead still stuck in the keyhole that her sister put there when they were kiddos. After all those years, there was no denying the fact that it needed an update.

refinished dresser before

Jessica sanded the whole dresser down before refinishing it with a deep ebony and adding a pop of color with her hardware. Refinishing furniture can be a beast to tackle, but it’s so worth the effort when you can take a piece that’s packed with history and give it a new look that you will truly enjoy for many years to come!

refinished dresser

Get the details at A Smith of All Trades.

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One thought on “Ebony Stained Dresser

  1. I love almost all of your projects that you post but I must say this looks like it was dipped in road tar. If I saw that in someones house I would avoid touching it because it really just looks dirty and hideous. IMO. I think a better choice would have been either a non distressed black or a lighter wood finish that lets the wood grain show through.

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