Painted Wood Chair

Nicole from De tout, de rien got this chair through a bulk pickup program in her city. Pretty much, everyone sets their junk out by the street free for the taking, and what doesn’t get snatched up heads for the landfill. Sounds like a dream for a roadkill rescuing gal like myself!

curbside chair before

Nicole covered up the chair’s original artistry with some crisp white paint and then painted the word “Sit” onto the seat. I love the fresh, clean look, especially considering it’s previous condition. It definitely invites you to sit and rest awhile.

curbside chair after

Get the details at De tout, de rien.

RoadKill Rescue

One thought on “Painted Wood Chair

  1. So pretty, but I would like to know the best way to add (permanent) padding and seat cover to a chair like this. This is similar to our kitchen chairs and they are just so blah, but with the kids, the tie on seat covers that I’ve tried just get torn off. Any ideas suggestions? Thanks!

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