Monogrammed Mailbox

Andrea from Queen B and Me rescued this mailbox from the trash after her husband ripped it off the post at their new home and chucked it into the garbage. He underestimated Andrea’s determination to make the beaten up mailbox “cute” (and her stealthy skills at sneaking it into their car!)


Andrea completed her mailbox makeover mission (say that three times fast!) with some sandpaper, primer, and paint. When Andrea later gave the mailbox to her husband, he didn’t even realize it was the same one!


Read more at Queen B and Me.

RoadKill Rescue

2 thoughts on “Monogrammed Mailbox

  1. Seriously! AWESOME!!! You should have written my post for me in the first place!
    THANKS for the feature! I LOVE the idea of this blog!! I DO have ONE more rescue I need to submit sometime, I think you will like it!

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