Headboard to Upholstered Bench

Catherine from Freddy & Petunia has been at the business of refabbing castoff pieces for a long time. This project dates back a bit, but the results are just as awesome today as they were thirteen years ago! It all started with a vintage king-sized headboard that Catherine fell in love with and purchased secondhand.

headboard to bench before

The headboard was the perfect starting point for a bench for Catherine’s mom. The dream became a reality when Catherine got three chairs from a friend and reworked them to create an upholstered seat. It’s amazing what a perfect match the shape and style of the chairs were for the headboard. Like a match made in heaven!

headboard to bench after

Check it out at Freddy & Petunia.


  1. Beautiful bench!I wish I could find a bed like that around here.

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