Fence Post Laundry Signs

Carolyn from My Simple Messterpiece recently did a makeover in her laundry room and decided to make her own artwork for the space.She’d seen tons of cute rustic signs on Pinterest, which inspired her to collect some curb alert cedar fence posts from Craigslist.

fence posts to wall art

Carolyn turned the posts into these rustic “Wash and Dry” wooden signs. Carolyn says, “These little gems sit proudly on top of my new laundry room cabinet and I just love them! They’re my favorite project to date. Best of all, the cost of the project was virtually nothing!”

fence posts to laundry sign 2

Check out the tutorial at My Simple Messterpiece.

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2 thoughts on “Fence Post Laundry Signs

  1. I want to make this! There’s plenty of scrap wood around here just begging to be pretty. What fonts did you use? The “dry” looks like the I love Lucy font.

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