Painted Leather Chair

Karen from Redoux got this leather chair from a friend whose aunt had passed away. The chair was really in great shape with the exception of the fact that it reeked of cigarette smoke.


Karen scrubbed the chair thoroughly and then painted and glazed the frame. The leather upholstery got a glam new look with some silver spray paint. If you are questioning how well the paint has held up on the leather, Karen is happy to report the chair is still going strong and looks perfect after three years!


Check out the details at Redoux.


  1. Wow! I can see my mom enjoying Karen’s chair! So sassy that one!! Loving your site. Learned of you through Karen at Redoux and I’m totally digging it!

  2. wow, I had no idea you could paint leather.

  3. Very Impressive! I love the silver. I have heard that you can paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint over leather, but had no idea any paint would work! Such an awesome refab!

  4. Love this. You can also paint faux leather. I found a chair with great lines at our local Habitat for Humanity a few years ago. It was in perfect shape aside from being the ugliest pee green color, so I painted it. The paint wore extremely well, and no one could tell that it was painted.

  5. Kris Lee says:

    This is great. You can paint leather, and you can also dye it w/leather dye. So have fun w/your great leather chairs and other projects.

  6. Sigh….sorry to be a stick in the mud. Years from now, people will be probably be “restoring” the furniture that we now strip, attack with silver paint, or hit with white paint and tire chains to make “chippy”. They will be amazed that we ever DID much of what we do to our furniture. The chair was handsome in its original form, and it would have, at some point, become an antique chair for future generations to enjoy. What are we leaving as out legacy, if we feel the need to forever change the furniture that we own? There was a time when a plain pine chair from circa 1700 would still BE a plain and valued pine chair in 1970, because generations of people left it alone. Came across a web site a while ago on which people raved over a paint job that totally altered a circa 1840 mahogany sideboard that was lovely “as is”.

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