Hanging Chalkboard Drawer

You may remember the desk that Gail from My Repurposed Life revamped into a tall chest of drawers. After the amazing transformation, the middle drawer still remained. Doesn’t it look so sad, as if it’s crying out for a new life too? (Okay, maybe I just have an overactive imagination…)

drawer to chalkboard before

You know Gail wouldn’t let it go to waste anyway! She answered its pleas to be repurposed by turning it into a versatile chalk/memo board. I love how she moved the little pencil and pen tray so it would still be functional while hanging on the wall. The top of the desk is still left. I can’t wait to see what Gail does with it!

drawer to chalkboard after

Go to My Repurposed Life for the tutorial.

RoadKill Rescue

3 thoughts on “Hanging Chalkboard Drawer

  1. This is the most amazing practical thing. Kudos to the great insight of all the cast to the trash drawers in the world.
    This is fantastic. thanks for sharing this.

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