Vintage Television Console Table

One of the big reasons I enjoy creative blogging so much is because I love inspiring others. That’s why I was so excited to see that Laura from The Happy Homemaker was inspired create her own console table from a vintage television. Laura snagged her old-school television from her grandmother.

vintage television to console

After removing all the tv guts, Laura also cut the wood frame in half so her console wouldn’t be too deep. She then added the shelves and painted and glazed it with stain. Laura’s console table came out quite lovely if I do say so myself. Of course, I’m a little partial since it looks just like the one that’s sitting in my entryway! {giggle}

vintage television to console after

Read more at The Happy Homemaker.

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7 thoughts on “Vintage Television Console Table

  1. I seen one out in the trash just yesterday and wanted to get it, but knew I couldn’t get in my van by myself and the hubby has been working really late hours this week, so he wasn’t going to be around to help either. I would love to make this!!

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