Glazed Accent Table

Amy from Junque Chic 5 found this table at her local thrift store. I really like the interesting octagon shape of the table and base and all the detail work. Can you believe that base is actually made of plastic though?

thrift store table

After a thorough scrubbing, Amy primed and painted the table. She then applied a black glaze, especially concentrating on all the nooks and crannies. It really makes the details come alive even more. The final touch was a coat of glossy black spray paint for the cool tassel door pulls.

glazed octagon table

Check it out at Junque Chic 5.

Painted China Cabinet

Jill from A Bean’s Life was lucky to score this china cabinet from a co-worker who
was cleaning out his garage. As a first-time homeowner, she’s always looking for furniture that would be a fun addition to her home.

china cabinet before

Jill had never painted furniture before but had seen many painted pieces that turned out beautifully. Of course, it was enough to make Jill give it a go with her newly acquired cabinet. Due to the condition of the glass doors, Jill removed them and added shelving for all her dinnerware. Jill has plenty to be proud of with this first painted piece! I love the combination of the white paint and gray accents.

painted china cabinet after

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Decorative Chalkboard

Tammi from Eleventh House found this wood piece leaning on a wall in the thrift store. She asked about and was told she could have it for only two bucks. Score! Tammi wasn’t really sure what it was originally but knew exactly what she had in store for it.

thrift store wood

When Tammi was a child, one of her favorite things about school was writing on chalkboards. So, of course, when she saw the piece of wood, she knew it was time she had a chalkboard she could write on whenever she wanted. The wood really was perfect for this project since it already had an inset area in the middle and the little decorative ledge on the bottom that mimics a chalk tray.

DIY chalkboard

Find the step-by-step tutorial at Eleventh House.

Distressed Candlesticks

Heather from Larissa Hill Designs was looking at an online catalog when she found a set of distressed candlesticks. She knew instantly that she needed to transform her current trio of black wooden candlesticks and give them a new softer look.

black candlesticks

With some sanding and layers of gold, cream, and blue paint, Heather easily achieved the look she was going for. I love how Heather was able to take something she already owned and give it a quick and easy update. Do you ever consider how you could alter pre-owned items before heading to the store to buy something new?

distressed candlesticks

Get the tutorial at Larissa Hill Designs.

Bottle Cap Mobile

While browsing online I stumbled upon a neat repurpose for bottle caps from Pia Chaib on flickr. This is especially great if you are an avid drinker of beverages with metal bottle caps or know someone else who is and wouldn’t mind starting a stash for you.

metal bottle caps 

The caps make a cool, artsy mobile or wind chime when strung together. Of course, this is just decorative and not meant to be hung where babies or young children can touch it. All the pretty colors and patterns might entice them to grab hold!

bottle cap mobile

Check it out on flickr.

Blue Painted Dresser

Jessica from Décor Adventures found this dresser only three houses down on her very own street. Jessica was thrilled to score such a find so close to home and happily hauled it home to give it some love.

roadside dresser

I love that the dresser has really clean lines but a few curves and details that give it a little something something extra. With a bold glossy blue paint and new crystal knobs, the dresser looks pretty and provides lots of storage for Jessica’s home office.

Blue dresser

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Stenciled End Table

Amy from Junque Chic 5 received this table that had been sitting in her mother’s garage for nearly 20 years. Amy’s dad dug it out knowing that she could do something with it despite its rough condition.

refabbed table before

Amy refabbed the table with a chocolate brown paint and her very favorite shade of candy apple green. She added a glaze of her own concoction to the green and stencil details on both the top and bottom shelves. I really love how the glaze brings out the detail in the table legs.


Get the tutorial at Junque Chic 5.

Etched Glass Spice Bottles

Maybe you’ve noticed glass bottles of a favorite product piling up in your recycling bin week after week. This was the case for WUVIE at Instructables, who likes to relax at the end of the week with a bottled Starbucks Frappuccino. When WUVIE saw that she had quite the collection of these bottles, she decided to upcycle them into spice jars for her kitchen. 

starbucks bottles

After cleaning the bottles and completely removing the labels, WUVIE used glass etching cream to add the names of the desired spices. WUVIE suggests checking out all the interestingly shaped bottles the next time you’re strolling through the grocery store. There are so many fun shapes and sizes that can repurposed for storage.


Find the tutorial at Instructables.