Stained Headboard Bench

Lindsay from Diary of a Crafty Lady worked with her dad to build a gorgeous bench for her sister’s front porch. The project began with a headboard and footboard that Lindsay’s dad picked up. The pieces were solid wood with a nice inset design and knobs.

headboard and footboard to bench

The headboard became the back of the bench, and the footboard was cut in half to form the sides. This is a gorgeous, solid piece of furniture. It looks like it has always been a bench. You would never know it was “pieced” together from a headboard and footboard.

headboard and footboard to bench after 

Check out the tutorial at Diary of a Crafty Lady.

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3 thoughts on “Stained Headboard Bench

  1. AM now doing this myself. You have given me ideas as to how to make the seat so that it is sturdy enough to hold me up. I was deliberating on how to do it, so thanks and this is the most beautiful bench ever.

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