Red Entertainment Center

Bekah from Country Mouse Tales found this dresser shoved in the back of a consignment store. The price had been knocked down to $15 because it had been there a looong time
and no one apparently wanted it.

Consignment Dresser

That is… except Bekah! She had grand plans to turn it into an entertainment center for her family room. After a few cans of cranberry red spray paint, it was just the extra something Bekah’s space needed. Bekah even cleverly added toy storage where the bottom drawers once were and protected the shelves from the baskets constantly being pulled in and out by little hands.

Red Entertainment Center

See the transformation at Country Mouse Tales.

RoadKill Rescue

3 thoughts on “Red Entertainment Center

  1. I have the exact same dresser (yes, there were TWO out there!) and most of the hardware was broken or missing. I painted it black, filled the grooves and knob holes on the two drawers with the four knobs and covered them with cute paper. Now it’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture! (There’s a pic of it on this post:
    I love what Bekah did with it, too. If a dresser is sturdy never pass it up!

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