Painted Mirror Chest

As the name of her blog implies, Ann Marie from Twice Lovely has a knack for taking something old and giving it a new spin. She found this cute little two-drawer chest sitting curbside and crying out for a little love.

Curbside Chest

With all the insets on the chest, Ann Marie’s immediate thought was to add some mirrors. Ann Marie definitely has an eye for furniture restoration. The mirrors were an awesome call, and the painted finish makes the lovely details along the bottom come alive. I also love love love how Ann Marie changed out the bottom drawer pull for two glass knobs. This is simply gorgeous!

Chest with Mirrors

Check out the details at Twice Lovely.

RoadKill Rescue

7 thoughts on “Painted Mirror Chest

  1. This is beautiful! I don’t know that I would have given the original a second glance, but you certainly saw the beauty! May I ask a very basic beginner question? Everytime I refinish furniture and paint it I find that the painted finish scratches very easily. I sand and clean, prime, paint and usually use a polyurethane finish. I allow plenty of dry time between coats. What am I doing wrong?

  2. This piece is stunning. Now I know what to do w/all those little mirrors I have hanging around. I have a small piece that I would love to redo, this is the perfect fit.

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