Painted Bird Shelf

Fiona from Lilyfield Life was driving home from school drop off and saw this old TV cabinet on the side of the road. She came to a screeching halt and first tried to fit it into her car. When that failed, she ditched the car in the middle of the road to roll the cabinet home instead. It’s amazing what we’ll do for a rescue!


With the dowels on the side, the cabinet was screaming out to be turned into a birdcage bookcase. Fiona obliged, painting birds and branches across the back. Isn’t it sweet? It’s the perfect look for a baby’s nursery!

birdcage bookshelf 019

Read more at Lilyfield Life.

RoadKill Rescue

3 thoughts on “Painted Bird Shelf

  1. Oh how pretty! It’s amazing what people throw away simply because they refuse to see the potential. I can’t blame her for screeching to a halt on this one! How could anyone walk away, unsure if it’d be there when you got back??

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