Jewelry Wall Hooks

Susan from Homeroad inherited a monstrous lamp that her daughter found on the side of the road. The pictures do not do the size justice. This thing was about four feet tall and 50 pounds. No kidding. That’s some serious lamp. Oh yeah, did I mention it had some intricate details?

curbside lamp

After the lamp had taken up residence in her garage for quite some time, Susan decided it was time to do something with it. The first of Susan’s lamp revamp projects involved creating a jewelry holder by repurposing parts as hooks and screwing them to a board. I really love the combination of the ornate hooks and rustic board. I can’t wait to see what other fun Susan has in store for the lamp!

jewelry holder

Find the tutorial at Homeroad.


  1. That is really clever! That is such a funny thing to drag home! I would do the same, then it would become part of my garage, permanently.

  2. Kris Lee says:

    Hey the rest of the lamp would make a great garden fountain. I am currently collecting some great lamps to make a garden fountain. Just replace the electrical parts w/pipes and plumb in the water fountain….Hope this helps decide what to do w/the rest of the lamp. I love the hooks, great idea.

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