Holiday Card Holder

Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts shares a creative solution for displaying all those Christmas cards you receive in the mail. It all started with an old crib spring she got from a friend.

Crib Spring

Mandy’s immediate plan was to turn the spring into a fun Christmas card holder. Mandy’s husband hung it on the wall, and then Mandy jazzed it up with a couple of holidays banners and painted red clothespins. The Christmas cards provide the rest of the décor! Mandy loves it so much that she plans to leave it up year round and simply change out the décor for the seasons.

Crib Spring Holiday Card Display

Check it out at Sugar Bee Crafts.


  1. This idea is genius! Thanks so much for finding all of the fabulous Roadkill Rescues out there and putting them on one site! Very helpful for ideas, and for us to find other bloggers that share our passion to make something out of nothing!

  2. I love it! Wish my resues looked so good! Mine would look like I didn’t know where else to store the babybed!! hehe!

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