Drawer Art Display

Amy from A Nest For All Seasons rescued some dressers that were sitting in the trash calling her name. There were eight drawers total, and they were sadly without a dresser frame to call their own. It wasn’t a problem for Amy though who found a whole new way to repurpose the castoffs.

old drawers

After giving the drawers a thorough washing, Amy painted them with Oops! paint and hung them on the wall in a grid. With some simple cup hooks and curtain rings, her kiddos now have their own display boxes for artwork!

Drawer Art Display

Check it out at A Nest For All Seasons.


  1. monique says:

    Definitely creative! I would never have thought of that!

  2. Becky Jane says:

    Amy…these are so cool! I’m keeping my eye out for some old drawers to make this to show off my grand kids art!

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