Wood Pallet Flag

When Michelle from Sweet Something Designs saw a pallet sitting curbside in her very own neighborhood, she excitedly asked her husband to go snag it for her. While the owner may have seen a piece of trash, Michelle saw a perfectly good piece of wood that needed rescuing.


Since the Fourth of July was right around the corner, Michelle decided to give the pallet a patriotic spin. Michelle and her husband took apart the pallet and then reassembled it with some scrap wood to create a rectangle. Michelle used her paints to create a red, white, and blue beauty to adorn her front porch.

Pallet Flag 

Go to Sweet Something Designs for the tutorial.


  1. Phil iMaria says:

    The American flag NEVER ends with a white stripe. Please pass on to all our Pinterest friends that if they are going to do a project like this or any that involves the American flag, the least they can do is get it right..God Bless America!

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