Painted Wood Bench

Samantha from The Douangphilas got this nasty couch for free off Craigslist. It was no wonder someone was just giving it away! I am more than impressed with Samantha’s vision for this worn out atrocity.

Free Craigslist Couch

Samantha tore off all that old, disgusting fabric and pretty much just stripped the couch down to the wood frame. She used some wood to add on a seat and backrest and then primed and painted the whole shebang. Throw on some hand sewn pillows, and Samantha now has a big comfy bench that she can proudly say she made herself!

Couch to bench

See the whole transformation at The Douangphilas.


  1. Peta says:

    Atrocity. You don’t seem to have the vision. I agree with Samantha. DELICIOUS. You have to see the bones. If i was offered this (as an atrocity) I wouldn’t be able to get away with it fast enough. The worlds full of Fabric & paint. These benches, a little rarer. Love it.

  2. Karen says:

    That is an absolutely amazing idea. I will never look at disgusting couches the same again!

  3. Aelxis says:

    I think I’ve missed an awful lot of potential then! I see these on the side of the road where I live all the time. They don’t stay there for more than a few days (usually), but most of the time I would have been able to get to it.

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