Crewel Work Pillow

Heather from Larissa Hill Designs spotted a great piece of framed crewel work while perusing a local flea market and purchased it for $8. Although a little yellowed around the edges, the crewel work was in great shape.

Framed Crewel Work

Heather took it home, removed the crewel work from the frame, pressed it, and made it into a pillow for her family room. I love Heather’s creativity in finding a piece of framed art and turning it into a pillow. One key to finding treasures among secondhand items is the ability to look beyond the obvious!

Crewel Work Pillow

Read more at Larissa Hill Designs.


  1. What a great idea! I have done crewel work in the past and believe me someone spent a lot of time doing that piece of crewel. It looks great as a pillow!

  2. Beckie; Thx for the post. Heather @ Larissa Hill Designs

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