Thrifty Craft Room

Rebecca from Older and Wisor wanted to turn an empty space into a craft/play space but was sadly without the means. Instead of waiting years to save and have the perfectly coordinated space, she sold the items she no longer used and rolled that money into designing the room. Not a bad plan! One item she got for free was this drawer that was found in an alley.

Free Drawer

Rebecca added some shelves and turned it vertically for some creative craft supply storage.

Drawer Repurpose

She had this magnetic whiteboard on hand in her kids’ room that was in rough shape with tons of dry erase marks and a scratchy surface.


With some primer and chalkboard paint, it’s as good as new!

Whiteboard turned Chalkboard

Rebecca found this big old dresser for only $25 on Craigslist.


With some green paint and numbered drawers, it has new life and provides tons of great storage space.

Refabbed Dresser

Head to Older and Wisor to check out the rest of Rebecca’s craft room.


  1. Love this thrifty craft room!

  2. OH WOW!! These are all awesome, but my favorite is that beautiful green dresser!!! Way to go!!

  3. Perfect for kids transitioning from the toy room to a more “adult” creative space.

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