Metallic Silver Swirl Secretary Desk

Ann Marie from Twice Lovely was on her way to the pool with the kiddos when she screeched to a sudden halt. Nope, it wasn’t because she realized she’d forgotten the sunscreen. Her neighbor was in the process of moving an old secretary desk to the curb. It definitely had potential beneath the hideous faux wood grain paint job.

Old Secretary Desk

Ann Marie snatched that baby up and brought it home to be renewed. Drawing inspiration from pieces with metallic finishes, Ann Marie painted the desk silver and then added a glaze to deepen it a bit. The finishing touch was the scrolling detail Ann Marie hand painted. Ann Marie was so right when she said, “You don’t always get what you pay for.” Thanks to her own creativity and handiwork, she got waaay more!

Metallic Silver Secretary Desk

Check out the how-to at Twice Lovely.

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