Framed Chalkboard Mirror

Kayla from Confessions of a DIYaholic found an old framed mirror sitting out on the side of the road. While the frame had a really pretty scalloped top, the mirror was in rough shape. As if the crack wasn’t bad enough, red hearts with green wavy lines had been painted at the bottom.

Roadside antique mirror

Kayla cut a thrift store mirror to fit the shape of the frame and replace the existing one. She then painted the back of the mirror with homemade black chalkboard paint and placed it into the frame. Now she’s got a chalkboard in a pretty frame that can become a mirror with a simple flip. Gotta love a versatile design!

Framed Chalkboard

Get the full tutorial at Confessions of a DIYaholic.


  1. Awesome!
    Another ingenious idea.
    Everyone never ceases to amaze me with the talent & creativity everyone featured on this blog have.

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