Distressed Aqua Wicker Headboard

Heidi from Honeybear Lane had rescued this wicker headboard from her brother’s neighbor’s dumpster about five years ago when she was newly married and broke. She had simply spray painted it black and called it a day.

Black Wicker Headboard

When Heidi woke up one morning with “the hankering to paint,” the headboard was the most obvious candidate. Heidi refreshed it with some aqua paint and distressing. Simply changing the color of the headboard did wonders to update the piece. It looks gorgeous with the hints of aqua in her duvet!

Aqua Wicker Headboard

Check out the tutorial at Honeybear Lane.

RoadKill Rescue

3 thoughts on “Distressed Aqua Wicker Headboard

  1. I’m so happy to see some wicker updates! I have several 2nd/3rd hand pieces that I want to make prettier, but there are very few ideas (other than black or brown) online. Thank you!

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