Stenciled Wild Berry Kitchen Chairs

Nikki from The Lovely Residence had been on the lookout for some kitchen chairs to go with the pedestal table she received from her mother-in-law. By “on the lookout” I don’t mean in an actual store but on the side of the street of course! Finally she spotted two chairs in a garbage pile up the street. The downside? One leg was missing. The upside? It was in the trash can. (Don’t worry it was on top!)

Kitchen Chairs 2

A little Wild Berry paint and stenciling, and these glamorous ladies were ready for a night on the town!

Pink Kitchen Chairs

Find the tutorial at The Lovely Residence.

RoadKill Rescue

9 thoughts on “Stenciled Wild Berry Kitchen Chairs

  1. is the raspberry paint a spray paint? I’m getting so lazy, that’s all I want to do anymore. I keep seeing Valspar spray paint’s name talked about….


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