Playroom Toy Storage System

Kelli from The Unfinished Room had been hanging on to cubbies from a demolished elementary school for a long time. She was waiting for the day when she’d find the perfect use for them. The day finally arrived when her father-in-law gave her an old medicine from a doctor’s office that was dump-bound.

Old Cubbies

Medicine Cabinet

Put them together and what have you got? New playroom storage! Kelli sanded and freshened up both pieces with new paint and then secured them together (and to the wall) with L-brackets. Talk about some serious storage space!

Playroom Storage Unit

Check out Kelli’s project at The Unfinished Room.

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4 thoughts on “Playroom Toy Storage System

  1. Came across your blog from – LOVE the title and the idea! What a great topic for a blog, adding to a niche I really haven’t seen covered too much on its own. We’re on a tight budget as we move into our new house so I am definitely on the lookout for fun new ideas that don’t cost much!

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