Big Screen Portable Closet

Athena from The Stuff of Success had a humongo projection screen television measuring 50 inches tall and 45 inches wide just waiting to be put to good use. Hmmm… but what to do with such a beast? Athena had a special plan in store for it.

Projection Screen TV

After gutting the beast, Athena put her plan into action, transforming the old TV into a portable closet for her son. This was a necessity since he did not have one in his room. Now this lucky lad has got a place to hang his clothes, stash his backpack, and store his shoes. All thanks to his mother’s brilliance!

Portable Closet

Find all the details at The Stuff of Success.

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2 thoughts on “Big Screen Portable Closet

  1. You are so creative! It just occurred to me that if you elevated this a little more, a child could use it as a puppet theater if you add a little ledge/stage where the puppets go…

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